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Raw unlacquered brass. Since our products are made from different components our natural brass has a matte/brushed finish and will darken over time. Brass can easily be cleaned with Brasso to restore it to its original state. 

Hand polished unlacquered brass for a shiny finish.



Powder Coat Colors


Matte black

Bluish grey

Light chocolate brown

Medium grey

Rich medium tan

Brownish grey green



 Rich Medium Brown Orange

Dark sage green

 Rich peach

Dark purple

Light olive

Fire engine red

Light navy blue (PANTONE 302C)

Pastel violet

  Dark maroon, blood red (PANTONE 209C)

 Deep navy blue (PANTONE 289C)

Almond white cream

Bright gloss green (PANTONE PMS 364 C)

Dark yellow

Periwinkle (PANTONE 2718C)

Dark bluish grey

Soft glossy mauve